Philadelphia Integrated Care Network Manual - Health Federation of Philadelphia

The Health Federation has been instrumental in leading implementation of behavioral health integration in primary care in the Philadelphia region.  The Behavioral Health Consultation model embeds a licensed behavioral health specialist in the primary care practice to expand access to behavioral health services for the health center population, to strengthen the efficacy of primary care by addressing the behavioral as well as medical needs of the patients, and to increase engagement and restoration of functional status of patients by providing patient-centered, whole person care. To make implementation both feasible and sustainable, HFP has successfully provided training for Behavioral Health Consultants (BHCs) to prepare them for practice in primary care; technical assistance for health centers to facilitate replication of and fidelity to the model; a community of practice to ensure ongoing skill building and peer support; and advocacy to secure regulatory and payment policies to support sustainability. This initiative started in 2007 and has expanded to include more than 25 sites and nearly 40 BHCs.


The Philadelphia Integrated Care Network Manual (PDF) may be viewed and downloaded here.