Central New York Care Collaborative (CNYCC) Chooses IBM Watson Care Manager to Improve Health Across the Region

IBM Watson Health and the Central New York Care Collaborative (CNYCC) today announced an agreement to create a cognitive population health platform intended to connect more than 2,000 healthcare and community based providers across six counties in Central New York. The platform will be designed to help improve health for residents across the region, with the goal to reduce costs in the Medicaid system by decreasing the amount of avoidable emergency department visits and hospital readmissions by 25% over the course of the program. The population health platform will integrate IBM Watson Care Manager with broader Watson Health offerings and run on the Watson Health Cloud.

The untapped value of insights from health industry data is estimated to be near $300 billion annually. Patient data often resides in multiple siloes, preventing physicians from understanding the full spectrum of health issues that could impact a patient's care and potential risk factors. For example, an endocrinologist may be unaware that her diabetes patient also suffers from depression, which significantly impacts the risk of non-adherence.