May 9, 2019

Mental Health Month Webinar Series

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Behavioral health issues during childhood and adolescence play out every day in homes, schools and health care settings, and are increasingly being highlighted on the national stage: the rise of youth suicide, increases in adolescent depression, social pressures, and many other challenges confronting kids and teens. We know that physical and mental health are strongly linked, and that most adult mental health disorders have their origins in adolescence—yet behavioral health issues in children often go untreated. At PolicyLab, we have a multitude of researchers looking across the spectrum of behavioral health and delving into prevention and intervention—both of which can lead to better health outcomes for children and savings in health care costs for patients, health systems and hospitals alike.

As we observe Mental Health Month in May, CHOP PolicyLab is kicking off a webinar series to tackle a variety of behavioral health topics. Each Thursday between May 2 and May 23, they will be releasing a short, 15-minute, engaging webinar in which experts will highlight how they are working to address some of the key issues facing children and adolescents today and discuss what we can do to ensure children are getting the care they need when they need it.

See below for descriptions of each webinar and a full list of speakers.