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September 18, 2019

Featured Blog Post: Fast-Tracking Behavioral Health Care

Type: News Tags: Research, Levels Of Integration, Policy, Mental Health, Collaborative

In a new two part blog series featured on Penn LDI's website, faculty from the Center for Mental Health, Molly Candon, PhD and Melissa E. Ostroff examine "replacing red tape with integrated care."

"..But what if patients could access behavioral health care through a regular visit to a primary care office or during a hospital stay? This is the premise of integrated care, a promising strategy for addressing shortcomings in the traditional model of behavioral health care provision. Though the concept of integrated care isn’t new, changes in reimbursement are hastening its implementation. While integrated care can address many supply-side issues, it may also encourage demand, as patients have reported a preference to receive behavioral health care in a non-psychiatric setting."

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