Our mission is to prepare clinicians with the expertise and leadership skills for integrated behavioral health (IBH) delivery by developing and disseminating scalable best practices for IBH models in primary care.

We will achieve this mission through five key objectives:

1. Identify the best practices for scalable IBH models in primary care in an inter-professional setting.

2. Test the most promising models in primary care training sites.

3. Generate new evidence on delivery and training in IBH and increase the pool of physician- and nurse-scientists.

4. Disseminate best practice IBH models nationally to training programs and health systems to improve patient care.

5. Promote a Community of Practice for IBH training that links academic programs / institutions, practice organizations, and other stakeholders in IBH to promote uptake of best practice training models.

The Need for Integrated Behavioral Health in Primary Care 

Mental illness is a major public health challenge. In the United States, mental illnesses are highly prevalent, particularly in primary care populations, and are a major cause of disability and reduced quality of life for individuals and their families. Despite their prevalence, mental illnesses are under-diagnosed and under-treated.

There are significant disparities in the burden of mental illness and in access to mental health services, with rural populations, racial and ethnic minorities, those of lower socioeconomic status, and vulnerable populations faring worse than their counterparts.

We aim to catalyze the transformation of mental health training and care in diverse settings nationally.